Estēe Lauder represents blush from Signature collection

February 13th, 2009 by webmaster

Estēe Lauder represents collection of blush Signature - the newest addition to super popular of make-up line SIGNATURE ™. Silky compact blush creates natural shining flush. Magnificent shades and well-recognized dark blue packing will match your unique style and the wide choice of shades will satisfy even the most exacting customer.
Silky compact Signature blush create natural soft flush, giving skin magnificent light and healthy kind. Due to wide color scale, you can safely mix shades and create new image every day!
Unique TECHNOLOGY of MICROCRUSHING of PIGMENTS â„¢ provides exact drawings and faultless firmness, excluding roughness of tone or “strip”. Blush does not clog up pores, and special pigments protect skin from dryness and keep brightness of color.
Shades: Tender Petal, Pink Kiss, Nude Rose, Rosette, Rosewood, Rose Nuance, True Sand, Deep Spice, Nude Nuance, Sweet Nectar, Peach Nuance, Fresh Plum and Plum Nuance.

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Essentials Moisturising Day Cream

January 3rd, 2009 by webmaster

Moisturising Day Cream contains juniper oil, which is possessing antibacterial property, and vitamin E, which is humidifying skin. It softens skin and gives it health. Essentials Moisturising Day Cream is recommended for any type of skin. 75 ml.
Structure:aqua, paraffinum liquidum, petrolatum, glycerin, dimethicone, cetyl acetate, peg-2 stearate, carbomer, cetyl alcohol, helianthus annuus seed oil, phenoxyethanol, potassium cetyl phosphate, stearyl acetate, methylparaben, juniperus communis extract, sodium hydroxide, tocopheryl acetate, propylene glycol, oleyl acetate, parfum, propylparaben, acetylated lanolin alcohol, hexyl cinnamal, hydroxyisohexyl 3-cyclohexene carboxaldehyde, butylphenyl methylpropional, benzyl salicylate, alpha-isomethyl ionone, limonene, sodium benzoate, sorbic acid

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Clarins: Miracle-elixirs against ageing

December 16th, 2008 by webmaster

Legendary whey Generation 6, which owing to extra packing from two containers, combines incongruous - water-and the fat-soluble components, is effectively stimulating five basic functions of skin. The restoring concentrate of intensive action for area of a neck and decollete Concentré Décolleté et Cou Multi-Intensif - the first antiage means intended for so delicate area, which smoothes wrinkles and tones color of the skin.
The balm, prolonging a youth of skin of the face +Jeune +Longtemps - the first balm, which actively influences the reason of ageing of skin and stimulates work of two vital systems - blood and systems of the nerve terminations of skin. A line of intensively humidifying means Soins Hydratants Multi-Climats can be used in weather conditions.
In October of this year the company has presented new rejuvenating means - strengthening and recycling whey on the basis of vegetative extracts Sérum Phyto-Tenseur - real concentrate of beauty, possessing instant lifting effect.
One of the greatest Clarins’ secrets relies in its individual approach and constant innovations.

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Skin-addiction: Scientists have invented pricks for sunburn

December 2nd, 2008 by webmaster

Sun studio, voice-frequency means, bronzators and sunburn effect creams - that only is not thought up by mankind for giving to a skin of beautiful and equal sunburn. Inhabitants of the countries with the moderate and severe climate do not wish to look pale. The desire to “sunbase” has come further, than it is possible to present.
In aspiration to make color of the skin darker, many inhabitants of the foreign countries have already tested new procedure: a Milanotan injection- the new substance, which has received reputation of panacea for those, who does not want to have white skin. Milanotan, which formula has been found by the Australian scientists, represents synthetic analogue of the special hormone which is responsible for synthesis of melanin in cells. The reason of popularity of a preparation relies in the fact that it causes pigmentation of skin without direct influence of ultraviolet.
Milanotan has especially pleased people, who live in the USA and Europe. Some wellness centers and even fitness clubs have already started to offer this new method.

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Botox-revolution among men

October 31st, 2008 by webmaster

As one would expect, the tendency of using botox for men has got the greatest turns in territory of America, whose inhabitants more passionately take a great interest in plastic surgery and various procedures on appearance rejuvenescence. By the way, Botox, which has become fashionable in the mid-nineties, has been approved by the organization of the USA under the control over quality of products and medicines only in 2002. Nevertheless, the statistics shows, that in 2001 doctors have carried out 856 thousand Botox injections, thus , according to the American society of plastic surgeons, already then the quantity of the men, wished to take advantage of service, was rather considerable - 106 thousand people.
The tendency has started to develop further. In 2007 surgeons have carried out 4,6 million Botox procedures, and from a 300 thousand Botox injections have been done for men. Today, according to doctors, Botox injection in man’s faces - is the real mainstream. Thus the medical industry develops and it is already ready to offer alternative - Reloxin injections, which also, as well as Botox, will smooth age wrinkles. It is supposed, that the preparation will be approved by the authorities in 2009.
It is necessary to note, that company Allergan, which, actually, has offered Botox, has recently started to conducts the marketing policy for men. In the statement, placed on company’s official web site, it is stressed that Botox «is not definitely intended only for women».

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Victory of ladies in red

October 29th, 2008 by webmaster

The group of scientists from University of Rochester, the USA, under the guidance of professor Andrew Elliot has found out that the ladies, dressed in red clothes, seemed more attractive. According to scientists, this fact testifies that men, looking for the partner, are guided by primitive instincts. Experts consider that the woman, dressed in sportswear of red shades, has more chances to be invited for the date.
During research interrogation of more than hundred men, basically, students, was spent. They were showed a photo of women with “average appealâ€? and offered to estimate degree of their beauty, and also their desire to kiss them. Frameworks of photos were of red, white, grey and green colors. The experiment has shown that the photo of the woman in red framework seemed more attractive to men, than the same photo in a framework of other color. The same has happened with colors of clothes: “ladies in red” have won. For example, men wished to get acquainted with them twice often than with the women dressed in blue.
And Ben Jones from University of Aberdeen and Lynda Boothroyd from University of Durham, Great Britain, have found out, that if you want to look more attractive, you should smile. But the easiest way to seem attractive is to offer a beer. The group of scientists of University of Bristol, Great Britain, has proved that already one and a half pint of beer is enough to make other people seem more attractive.

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Edible cosmetics

October 14th, 2008 by webmaster

Lipstick with taste of chocolate, honey blush and vanilla powder - is a professional make-up, made in tasty dessert tones.
Light, pastel shades will add fresh colors, it will emphasize eyes, make cheeks gentler, and lips - are juicier.
Lipstick-shine Rouge Pure Shine Sheer Lipstick from Yves Saint Laurent on the basis of extract of pearls catches and reflects light with unprecedented force. And owing to Paraguayan “honey leaves” it possesses pleasant taste.

Such brands as Body Shop, Estee Lauder and even L’Oreal were the first, who have accepted manufacture of “edible” cosmetics. And owing to the fact that vegetables and fruits often include huge quantity of antioxidants, cranberry, cocoa-beans, tomatoes are always included into structure of antiage means. Such cosmetics has no either some alkali, or alcohol, owing to what skin does not get dried, what is especially important for women.

In any innovations, besides traditional recipes of beauty, there is a place for exotic.
Well you can easily prepare tremendous an effective mask for face at home.
Here are the components:
1. Red caviar - 1 teaspoon.
2. Olive oil - 1 teaspoon.
3. Cellophane film
4. Cotton disks, moistened in black tea - 2 pieces

Add olive oil into 1 teaspoon of red caviar. Then mix it and put on the face. Cover face with cellophane, except for eyes and nose area. Keep the mask for 20 minutes; put cosmetic disks, moistened in strong tea, on the eyes. Wash off the mask with warm water and to put on nutritious cream.

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Smile - make your skin look young

October 7th, 2008 by webmaster

All female emotions are reflected on the face. Perhaps, at school you learned about emotion and ways of their expression: when we are pleased - we smile, when we become angry - gloom eyebrows, when we think about something - we wrinkle forehead.

After these “emotional” movements, which only very serious ladies can control, muscles of the face remain in pressure.
The older we become the more senior and more noticeable our wrinkles become. Don’t be upset in this occasion: we not the dolls to go with the same look. But it is impossible to correct situation.

Botox injections are the most known way of getting rid of wrinkles.
Unfortunately, first and long enough time after a “magic” injection, your emotions will not be shown on your face.
Immunotherapy is one more method of struggle against mimic wrinkles - . It is also represented with injections, but only in absolutely tiny dozes. The substance forces cells to be recycled and work with new force.
The minus of a method is that it needs to be repeated through any time, and it is quite expensive. There are also some complications: misuse of preparation, allergic reactions to its components.
Less radical way to smooth wrinkles is to buy usual cream. But it doesn’t matter, what cream you would choose, do not forget about these easy rules:
* Humidify skin. Drink more water, humidify skin with thermal water.
* Clear your skin. And, do it not only in the evening, but also in the morning.
* Eat more fruits and vegetables, but eat less sugar, fatty and salty food.
* Cigarette - is the first enemy of your skin.
* Sports, long walks and fresh air - are the best friends of your skin.

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Hairdressing salon: important tips

October 1st, 2008 by webmaster

How to distinguish a good hairdressing salon from bad? In order to understand it, you should pay attention to the following moments:

1. The hairdressing salons located in apartment house should have the isolated entrance with well shined hall. Closely put armchairs is an infringement. The distance between armchairs should make not less than 1,8 meters so that masters could move free around of the client.

2. The cape, which you are offered, should be washed and disinfected after each client. In ideal there are must be individual capes. Cut hair from the face and necks should be taken away with individual disposable napkin, and then - with brush. After each client cleaning should be done - hair should be swept away in a closed scoop and polyethylene package. Damp cleaning of interior is spent at least twice to day.

3. According to Sanitary and epidemiologic rules air in interior should be disinfected by UV-irradiators. It is a small rectangular device, which is usually arranged on wall. However, frequently these lamps appear only before checks. If they, as well as it is necessary, work in a daily mode the owner should watch duly change of lamps: after certain time of their radiation do not only do not clear air, but also become dangerous. All sets and tools which the master uses, also should be disinfected.

4. Hair coloring is one of the most expensive procedures. So, good hairdressing interiors should have masters, precisely subdivided into hairdressers and colorists. The last are engaged exclusively in hair coloring.

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Medical properties of melon

September 26th, 2008 by webmaster

Melon is a product unique. Its main advantage relies in its self-sufficiency: it is possible and it is necessary to eat melon without any seasonings and additives. You will enjoy magic taste and aroma, and meantime your skin will be smooth and look younger, hair and nails - will become stronger.
The list of everything that contains pulp of a melon can seem at first sight frightening: water, sugar and starch, fibers, carbohydrates, food fibres, free organic acids, kalium, iron, vitamins C, РР, В1, В2, carotene, a folic acid, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, honey, inositol, silicon …
Let’s try to understand. Silicon solitarily influences state of skin and hair, iron it is useful for blood system, vitamin C strengthens nervous system and raises immunity. Carotene provides to us with noble peach shade of skin, making it gentle and smooth.
In view of weight reduction melon juice in a combination with apple and tomato juice (in the ratio 1:2:1) is also useful. In gloomy rainy days the melon can become a medicine for melancholy - it really removes weariness, alarm and improves mood.
Melon juice is also curative. It helps at a cold, urolithic illness (it is recommended to drink melon juice with parsley broth).

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